Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vehicle/Car registration renewal in Dubai Procedure

Vehicle/Car registration in Dubai Procedure 

Step 1 : Car Fitness Test

step 2 :Car Insurance renewal

Step 3 : Car Registration renewal. 

Car / Vehicle Fitness Test

If Your  vehicles which are more than 3 years of age you need to do vevhicle test. There are many vehicle testing centers across Dubai such as Tasjeel, Tamam who carry out the vehicle fitness test services. Typical fees for such a service is around AED 140. The vehicle is basically tested for the effectiveness of Brakes and Gas/Exhaust Tests. This test will take  10 to 20 minutes . 

Auto insurance / Vehicle insurance renewal

In the next step you need to renew your Car insurance which can be either Comprehensive or Third party insurance. 

Renewal of Vehicle registration

Renewal of your vehicle registration is a formality and is a mandatory requirement for all the vehicles in UAE annually.